Doodle Masks

Protecting yourself is a responsibility for our entire community, with Doodle Masks let you do it in style and comfort.  The Doodle Mask is washable up to 50 times.

The Doodle Mask is a third-category filter mask, made of 3 unique layers of fabric. it’s not a medical device and it is a product non intended for medical use. All Doodle Masks have an antibacterial silver ion treatment that generates a bacteriostatic action that helps stop bacteria and prevent infections. 

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New Woman's Collection

Hey Doodle Addicted, there are some news!

Take a look at our new arrivals, there are a lot of new proposals. We have launched 4 new collections of women's watches, with a smaller diameter of 35 mm.  Discover the new collections inspired by the world of nature, graphics, the timeless calaveras dedicated to the Mexican Santa Muerte and the American Pop icons.

For free spirits only…

Doodle at work

Do you remember those tough jobs?
Doodle Watch is made of soft silicone, but it is not afraid of hard work. Wear it wherever you want and take your temporary tattoo with you!

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Doodle Summer

Giulsvez's shots for the Doodle summer season. No matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing. The important thing is to do it with style.
If you are wearing a Doodle Watch on your wrist, you're doing it stilish.

Check out all the shots on our Instagram page.

Doodle Temporary Tattoo

Do you wonder what could be the maximum delight for  a Doodle Addicted? Without any doubt, to decorate himself with temporary Doodle Tattoo. Some of the finest Doodle Watch designs are on the skin of some Doodle Addicted.