Dragon Mood Collection- Doodle the Original watches

Dragon Mood Collection Doodle watches

The watches in the Doodle Dragon Mood collection convey all the energy and charisma of the most famous fantasy animal in Eastern culture. A series of original, colourful and gritty-looking accessories, perfect to complete your look and bring a truly inimitable style detail to your wrist.

Featuring the distinctive lines of the Chinese dragon, the watches in this Doodle watch collection are designed to give a touch of unique class to any outfit, thanks to the special lines of the Chinese dragon. In Asian culture, this mythological animal is considered a symbol of strength, courage and determination. These are the traits that define the Dragon Mood accessories.

The soft touch silicone strap, the embellished dial with its unique colors and designs, the stainless steel case and waterproof construction maes this a must have accessory for those who love to take with them a small detail that can make a difference in their look and style. This Doodle gives the best of itself worn on the wrist along with a themed wrist band, with a casual outfit and alternative character.

The Doodle watches in the Dragon Mood Collection express the different variations of the character of this fantastic creature with many watch models for all tastes. For example, the classic red watch, for the most aggressive and determined spirits, or the orchid model, which combines the tapered lines of the dragon with those of the most typical floral motifs of the East. The Doodle dragon watches follow the lines and style typical of the Oriental Mood, and are designed for lovers of folklore and Chinese tradition, and for those who want to embellish their look with an accessory inspired by the designs and symbols of a millenary culture.

Discover the wide range of combinations in our  Doodle Moods online catalog. Buy the model dedicated to the dragon that suits you, or choose the coolest one to give an original gift to a special person, wishing them luck, strength and health with a truly unforgettable watch.