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Doodle Collection Oriental Mood

The Doodle Moods watches proposed on the online store devotes ample space to the symbols and designs of Asian spirituality, and the watches in the Oriental collection reproduce the immortal lines of Chinese, Indian and Japanese folklore in a wristwatch accessory with an attractive and original look.

Perfect for adding style to any outfit, the watches in the Oriental Doodle collection are the recommended choice for all lovers of the timeless charm of Eastern culture.

The Doodle watches in this Oriental collection feature a coloured dial and strap and are decorated with lines and designs inspired by Indian and Chinese folklore. These are ancient symbols, but still today they convey all the wisdom and charm typical of this part of the world.

The Oriental Doodle Watch decorated with the figure of the elephant, for example, represents wisdom and power, while the one with the Koi carp is based on the Japanese tradition that sees in these animals an important wish for luck. The model with the classic Buddha icon is also a must, a precious gift, a trendy accessory that represents an ideology and a belief system with universal values, to wear on the wrist to add a touch of class that is truly unique to your outfit.

Like the accessories of the beautiful Dragon Mood, inspired by these fascinating mythological beings, symbols of courage and wisdom, the watches in the Oriental collection are also inspired by the most charismatic and significant religious and traditional figures of the cultures of the East. Animals and icons in the most traditional style, but also magazines in a modern key, with Tattoo Mood watches that are inspired by the Oriental symbols and reproduce them in the drawings of the tattoo art.

Discover all the Doodle watches Moods collection and choose the model that best suits your tastes, values and style. Buy your Doodle Oriental Mood watch now and wear the beauty and charm of Asia on your wrist with a durable, eye-catching and high quality product.