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Tattoo Mood Collection

Inspired by the most famous and beloved tattoo art designs, the watches in the Doodle Tattoo collection are a transgressive style accessory, perfect for giving a unique touch to your outfit. From the Caribbean corsairs to the youth subcultures of the 1970s, there have been so many generations who have been fascinated by these timeless symbols.

Tattoo Mood Doodle watches allow you to wear on your wrist the designs that have made the history of this particular and mysterious art form. These compact, young and eye-catching accessories are the perfect choice if you are looking for a watch to wear at any time and able to enrich any casual look with style. Among the different Doodle Moods in the catalog, the Tattoo collection is undoubtedly one of the most varied and interesting, thanks to the enormous diversity in concepts and graphics of these trendy watches. They range from the typical skulls of the Doodle Skull Mood, to the panthers and animals typical of Eastern culture, symbols of courage, virtue and determination.

Don't miss the Doodle watch Tattoo Mood inspired by the deeds of pirates and the Caribbean Sea, a land full of adventure and characterized by a very special culture. Check out the Calaveras Mood collection if you love the traditions and folk of Central America, or head to the Tattoo Doodle with its dial decorated with anchors and maritime symbols that wink at the world of pirates.

Let your imagination run free and be inspired by the models in the Tattoo collection, or explore all the Doodle Moods and choose the perfect watch for your style. Wear an accessory with a strong and uncompromising character, choose Doodle Tattoo Mood watches and complete your outfit.